We are located in Stavanger, which is the main hub of Norway's petroleum sector and an acclaimed travel destination. The picture shows the entrance to the Innovation Park Stavanger, where we are located. The rig in the background is the Ullrigg test facility.

The company

Eureka Energy Partners AS was founded in 2012, and is incorporated in Norway under organisation number 997 845 420. Our five partners constitute the ownership and Board of the firm.

The firm was established for the initial purpose of contributing to capacity building programmes by the PETRAD Foundation. Eureka Energy Partners has established frame agreements with the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate and the Norwegian Environment Agency to contribute to their international co-operation for building capacities for national management of petroleum resources. Individually and through our firm we serve a number of international clients, sometimes in co-operation with other consulting firms whose competencies may complement ours.

Contact information

Eureka Energy Partners AS

Business mail address: Eureka Energy Partners AS, Innovation Park Stavanger, P.O.Box 8034, 4068 Stavanger, Norway. 

Visiting address:   Innovasjonspark Stavanger, Professor Olaf Hanssons vei 7A, Stavanger.

Business manager:   Erik Jarlsby, Ph.D

Email:  erik.jarlsby@eurekaenergy.no

Telephone:   (+47) 90 12 78 33

Email addresses for our partners are found under Partners on the top menu. General inquiries about our services can be directed to our business manager Erik Jarlsby (email as above).