Farouk Al-Kasim

Public management of petroleum resources

Farouk Al-Kasim is an internationally acknowledged advisor on petroleum resource management. He is a trained geologist. After moving to Norway from his native Iraq he joined Norwegian civil service in 1968, when the Norwegian petroleum sector was in its infancy. He was instrumental in developing Norway's national management of the sector.

Farouk Al-Kasim was Resource Director at the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate from its formation in 1972 to 1990. This was a key position for influencing the developments of Norway's petroleum resources on behalf of national authorities, in constructive (and sometimes opposing) dialogue with petroleum companies. 

Since his retirement from Norwegian public service, Farouk has shared his insights with the governments of many nations seeking to develop effective management of the petroleum sector. He has facilitated processes of petroleum policy development and legislation, assisted in developing strategic sector plans and in general capacity building for managing the sector. He consults and lectures in the fields of overall public management of petroleum resources, sector organisation, petroleum policy and licencing.

Farouk Al-Kasim in 2012 was conferred the Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav as a reward for distinguished services rendered to Norway and mankind.


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The above books were written by Farouk. Others have written about his achievements and his life:

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