What we do

Petroleum & Energy

Our work concerns petroleum and energy sector issues for national authorities, companies and organizations. Following is a non-exhaustive list of issues which we have addressed:

  • National policies for petroleum resources and for the energy sector.
  • Preparations for legislation on petroleum resources;
  • National organization and strategies for petroleum sector management;
  • Preparations for licencing of petroleum rights;
  • Integrated planning of petroleum resources and energy supply;
  • Oil & gas field development planning;
  • Hydrocarbon processing and infrastructure planning;
  • Environmental management within the petroleum sector;
  • Environmental and social impact assessments (ESIA), and national guidelines; 
  • Strategic impact assessments (SEA);
  • Safety management for petroleum operations: Regulatory and company functions;
  • Regulatory design and compliance;
  • Economics of petroleum exploration and development;
  • Fiscal policy for the petroleum sector;
  • Nation-level economic modelling of petroleum sector;
  • Gas utilization and international trade;
  • Supply chain planning for LPG, condensate and small scale LNG. 

What we provide

Our work usually takes the form of a project resulting in the delivery of something by us to the client or counterpart. Our delivery can be one or more of the following:

  • Process facilitation. We assist counterpart in carrying out work processes for defined purposes. Workshops and other forms of direct communication are key process components.
  • Facilitated report. We assist counterpart in preparing a report, proposed plan, presentation etc. Conclusions and recommendations are counterpart's discretion and responsibility.
  • Independent report.  A report, proposed plan, presentation etc is prepared by us and delivered in our name, after consultation with counterpart. Conclusions and recommendations are our responsibility.
  • Models and procedures.  We develop software models, procedures etc to support counterpart's work processes, accompanied by training and follow-up support as may be needed.
  • Training and capacity building.  We provide courses, training oriented workshops, and other forms of capacity building for counterpart's organization. We can also assist in identifying capacity building needs.

Preparing a project with us

Contact our business manager or any of our six partners to discuss how we may assist your organization. You find us on the Contact page and the Partner page on the top menu.

Before we can start working for your organization, an agreement must be made between us and your organization, represented by a duly authorized person.  The agreement will specify the objectives , deliverables, mode of work, our resource persons, time frame and compensation. We are not in the habit of making complicated and lengthy agreements for this purpose, and sometimes a sufficiently clear e-mail exchange will suffice. To facilitate the process of agreement we have prepared a set of Standard terms of service, which we will send to prospective clients on request. 

Work is sometimes agreed on the basis of Terms of Reference (ToR) established by the client or counterpart. It usually works well provided that the requirements are well defined and reflected in the ToR, something which cannot allways be easily attained. If client's procedures allow, we generally prefer having a dialogue with the client to develop a meaningful objective and mode of work prior to agreeing an assignment. 

In most cases, a successful project will depend in part on timely contributions made by client or counterpart personnel, such as active participation in meetings and discussions, providing access to information, and critical review of proposals. This should be provided for in the agreement on a project.

We will not agree to any work which is not firmly within our capabilities and capacities.  

Eureka Energy Partners in many cases engage highly capable resource persons outside our own partnership as contributors to our projects. Such persons will be designated in the agreement on a project. Unless something else is agreed with the client, any such persons will be sub-contracted by Eureka Energy Partners and will work under our agreement and responsibility with the client.

We are not in a position to provide financial support or to undertake any unpaid work.

Professional conduct

Eureka and its consultants are committed to the principles of the Code of Professional Conduct for management consultants as established by the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (www.icmci.org). This requires that Eureka Energy Partners and its consultants shall:

  • treat client information as confidential;
  • refrain from encouraging unrealistic expectations of its services;
  • not accept any remuneration or other benefit from a third party in connection with recommendations to a client without the client's knowledge and consent;
  • accept only assignments which Eureka Energy Partners has the skills and knowledge to perform;
  • avoid acting simultaneously in potentially conflicting situations;
  • ensure that before accepting any engagement, a mutual understanding of the objectives, scope, workplan, and fee arrangements has been established, and any personal or other interest which might influence the conduct of the work has been disclosed;
  • refrain from inviting an employee of a client to consider alternative employment without prior discussion with the client;
  • maintain a fully professional approach in all dealings with clients and the general public.