Erik Jarlsby 

Petroleum economics, gas utilisation

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Erik Jarlsby is an advisor and lecturer on energy and economics through his own firm Erik Jarlsby AS. He holds a Ph.D on strategies in hydrocarbon markets from the university of Twente in the Netherlands, and a business degree from St. Gallen in Switzerland.

Erik specialises in energy economics and petroleum fiscal systems, on which he has published a book in 2019 (see bibliography below).

He has been employed with oil firms Mobil and Statoil, and petrochemical firm Borealis Polymers. His responsibilities with those firms covered the full range of upstream and downstream petroleum commercial issues, including trade in natural gas liquids. In 1997 he became an independent consultant and lecturer based in Stavanger, working on issues of energy, strategy and economics.

Erik consults and lectures within the fields of petroleum economics, petroleum fiscal systems, natural gas and LPG applications and marketing, downstream and integrated energy systems, petroleum sector management and competitive strategy. He designs and facilititates educational practices for courses in petroleum resource management. 

Besides lecturing and consulting with our clients, Erik is also business manager for Eureka Energy Partners AS.

Bibliography:                                (* Asterisks denote texts in Norwegian language)

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