Bjørn Kristoffersen 

Environmental management

Bjørn Kristoffersen is an advisor on environmental management for the petroleum sector. He holds a master (MSc) degree in civil engineering from the Norwegian University of Technology and Science. He worked for 10 years on public sector spatial and technical planning before joining Statoil in 1984, where he was responsible for environmental impact assessment for several development projects in Norway and internationally. He was seconded to the Azerbaijan International Operating Company in 1994 and oversaw the environmental and social impacts of large oil and gas developments in the Caspian region. He has been a vice president of Statoil with responsibility for environmental and social relations internationally.

Bjørn has worked as an independent consultant since 2008 through Eureka Energy Partners and through his own firm, EcoManagement Support. He has assisted Governmental and corporate clients on environmental management. He has prepared national guidelines for environmental impact assessments for the petrolem sectors of several countries. He has carried out Strategic Impact Assessments (SEAs) in Africa, the Middle East and Europe. He has delivered training related to environmental management for governments, organisations and universities worldwide.